One of the outcomes from the 2011 Australian Cystic Fibrosis conference was a strong realisation that within Australia we needed more impetus and innovation to fund research for cystic fibrosis.

A small group of mums decided to make a difference...

Susan Biggar,  Julie Noorman and Kathy Ryan (all CF Mums) are the brains and brawn behind 65km for Cystic Fibrosis.  We have since been joined by Sue Emery, Angela McNicol-Smith and Phil Ryan.

It was a long road from that realisation at the conference to the inaugural 65km for Cystic Fibrosis endurance walk in March 2013.  As CF Mums, we knew a lot about CF but we had never been involved with running a large event on a shoestring budget, so we had a lot to learn.  Along the way we were very fortunate to partner with  the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute for our first three years and Monash Partners and Monash Foundation from 2016, without these organisations this event would not be possible.


Julie talks about our 2016 event

Susan talks about her 2016 training progress